2007 Fuel Cell "Green Machine" Competition
FirstFuelCells.com partnered with FIRST Robotics to develop the first Fuel Cell “Green Machine” Pilot Program in 2007.

This year 35 FIRST Robotics teams demonstrated the use of fuel cells in competition robots.

The 2007 Competition Overview
As part of the FIRST Robotics Competition teams that competed in the 2007 FIRST Robotics Competition season, a group of 30 teams in 20 states were selected to solve the Fuel Cell “Green Machine” challenge. To keep things fair, the game details were released November 3, 2006 to the pilot group. Highlights of the game included Research & Development, Building & Testing a Fuel Cell/System, Game Design and Hydrogen Safe Game Floor, and the Insertion of a Fuel Cell System in a Competition Robot.


2007 Green Machine Award Winners:

2007 Competition Video:  

2007 Corporate Sponsors:

  • Graftech, Parker Hannifin, NASA, Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, Ohio Aerospace Institute, CASE Advanced Power Institute Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, CASE School of Engineering, CASE Western Reserve, TDM Fuel Cell Technology, Pacific Fuel Cell Corp., Kettering University, TMI Technology Management Inc., DLS Design Studio, Randolph Publishing, TheEliteTutor.com, PGM Diversified Ind., Change Management, Linda Harkless Design, The Entrepreneurs EDGE, Kumon Strongsville, TagArt, Eifel Marketing Inc., Benjamin Calkins - Kahn Kleimnan LPA, Shamrock Companies Inc., and Praxair.

2007 Press Release:

2007 Competition Team Timeline:

  • October 16, 2006 - E-mail notification of competition through FIRST's website (www.usfirst.org).

  • October 27, 2006 - Team applications due.

  • November 3, 2006 - Teams are selected and notified. Game challenges and specifications are released, and the challenge begins.

  • November 30, 2006 - Research and Development Deadline

  • December 31, 2006 - Building and Testing a Fuel Cell/System

  • January 31, 2007 - Challenge: Design a Game

  • February 9, 2007 - Inserting the Hybrid Fuel Cell System into FIRST Competition Robot Design

  • March 1-31, 2007 - Regional Competitions

  • April 12, 2007 - FIRST Championship, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA. Awards are given.

2007 Competition Stages:

2007 Competition Component Requirements:

  • Each team required a Fuel Cell Competition Kit. Thanks to considerable individual and corporate donations, the price of this kit was reduced for pre-approved teams to US$575 and is valued at US$2,000. These kits are re-usable for a variety of other educational applications.


2007 Logo


Diane Sadowski & Paul Gudonis


2007 Buckeye Regional Luncheon


2007 Display


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